Thursday, August 30, 2012

The World is a Puzzle...

Last weekend we celebrated the marriage of my baby sister!!

Michael and her were married July 17, 2012 in a private ceremony in the Virgin Islands.

She had a beautiful wedding followed by a beautiful reception!

She asked me to help her with planning her reception. Let me tell ya, planning with this little one just might give you a all brides ask so many questions? Ha. Just kidding Brandy. It was fun!

She decided to go with the Rustic Chic Wedding Look which goes PERFECT with the reception hall. The reception was held at Morello's in Harrisburg. 

Brandy wanted this reception to be very small and more of a party with a little decor. I must say it turned out perfect. I became obsessed with the decor. She came up with some great ideas that she wanted to add to the decor such as the Puzzle.
Instead of a guest book, she had each guest sign a puzzle piece which would later on be put together as one big puzzle that can be framed.
How neat is this idea?
I loved all the other decor as well. It was just so perfect.
She found this old vintage suitcase at a garage sale and used it for as the card holder at the present table.
 Turned out A-dorable!
And of course, who doesn't love flowers?!
The flowers were gorgeous.
Even more gorgeous in person.
The favors for the wedding were koozies. If you know where I am from, there is one thing that goes on A LOT in Harrisburg and that is beer drinking. So, it was a fabulous favor.
"To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold"
And last but not least, she had Julie from Dream Baskets create a Sweet Table for the guest.
It darling!
Who else would we expect to be attacking the sweet table?!
The reception was such a BLAST! Abosultely nothing with wrong. Even my speech!!
I really thought I could talk her out of making me give a speech, but that did not work, so I literally wrote this speech two hours prior to the reception. I was so very nervous.
I made it sappy/corny/sad/and tried to be funny.
I hope people liked it!
I think the kids had more of a better time that anyone else!
Drew was all about the Spin-a-roni on the dance floor and I love it.
I love Hip-Hop, so I love that he hip-hop dances.
I do not have a whole lot of pictures from my camera because she hired the sweetest photographer ever from:
She was so amazing and the most polite person ever.
I can't wait to see the pictures!!
Until then, I at least got a cute little picture of my family!
What a fabulous night!! She danced her booty off until 12:30 a.m.
She got exactly what she wanted...a simple, cute reception and a party all night long!
Brista Barrington

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