Monday, May 27, 2013

Kicking off the Summer...

Summer time is finally here!!

Drew had his last day of Kindergarten the other day. Tear. So bittersweet. Don't you remember the basket case I was at the beginning of the year? My goodness. I'm over the top sometimes, but hey, it's laughable. Or annoying. Whichever. It's me. 

So crazy to see how much he has grown up and learned since the first day of school. Just looking through his journal was so sweet. He really thinks about his family often. And oddly enough sometimes we had an extra family member. Psychic? Maybe? I think not.

Mama headed out to the first concert of the Summer season. TIM MCGRAW. If you are my Facebook friend, you knew I was there. I was blowin up the feed like no other. This man is gorgeous. He is so awesome. Love me some country music.

I'm like a little kid in a candy store. Seriously, I got some major goosey's whenever he appeared on stage.EEEEKKKK!!!

We have a lot planned for this summer.

Next week it is a Mommy and kid overnight trip to Holiday World.

A few more weeks after that we are headed to St. Louis for a day at the Cardinal Stadium. I was misinformed by the husband we would no longer have season tickets, so for his birthday I got him some Cardinal tickets and tickets to tour the stadium. Yeh, we still have the season tickets. Oh well, it will be fun to sit elsewhere. And the tour of the stadium should be fun too. We have never done that.

Oh yes, and another concert with the girls...KENNY CHESNEY!

Then, a few more weeks after that we are headed to Chicago for a basketball tournament. I, however, am on the fence about going. I do not want to spend my time in a sweaty basketball gym while I have Michigan Avenue and the chance to see Giuliana and Bill out my window. So I have decide if I want to rascal the kids myself in a big city. My mind says Yes. My body says No. We shall see.

The husband should treat me to some RPM if I decide to go. Ahem.

I think we have about 2-3 weddings to attend including my sisters and all her bridal festivities.


I am finally doing it. I am leaving my boys for more than 2 days. (Which I have only done once.)

I am turning 30 this year. Gag. So it's time I do it. My kids are old enough. Drew is 6 and Dylan will be just shy of turning 4.'s time. They will be just fine and Mommy and Daddy need this time to ourselves.

Ya see, I kinda canceled our honeymoon because I was scared to fly. This time, I plan on getting Dramamine/Xanax drunk. I just might turn into the lady off of Bridesmaids. No joke.

I feel like I totes got off track here.

I started off this weekend with the concert, spent lots of time outside with slip n slides and water fun, cookout with friends, and more swimming with friends.

I think this is going to be an amazing summer!!!!
Brista Barrington

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