Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life Lately...

So when is life not crazy?! Ever?

I have had a migraine hangover for a few days now. Do you have migraines? I have had a record breaking 4-5 migraines in the past year. Whew. They are killer.

Well, besides that downer, I am also no longer a Soccer Mom. Drew wrapped up his last Soccer season a few weeks ago. I doubt he plays again because it conflicts too much with baseball and football. But I have learned to never say never when it comes to parenting! :)

I spent a nice day with one of my friends and her new precious baby while the hubs was coaching out of town. Oh. My. Goodness. Precious little girl!!! She is seriously perfect. She acts perfect. She looks perfect. If I knew baby #3 would be just like her, I'd easily have another!

To say the boys loved her is an understatement. Dylan was all up in her face saying "goo goo gah gah." Oh, I'm so sorry Ellie for that crazy child.

I would like to think Ellie and I kind of somewhat bonded since I wiped her poop up off of the Forever 21 floor. I heard a little "toot" and I looked over at Ellie's mommy, Lacy, and poor girl had some yuck all over her. So, I swiped up a wipe and cleaned it all up off of the floor for her, not even thinking twice. What else are friends for?!?!

Later that night, we headed home to pick up our new cat! We tried the dog thing. Totally not for us and never again. I should have known. I am a much better Cat Mom.

Can you tell he is thrilled to be in his new home?!


That picture is priceless. Poor kitty.

So we decided to name his Nelly Duke Barrington.

I wanted it to just be Nelly, but the husband quickly vetoed that idea. (Loser.) So we settled with Nelly Duke and call him Duke.

He is such a good cat and so cuddly and so cute!
He loves loves loves to lay on our shoulders...

First thing boys ask about is Duke. First thing when they get home they go find Duke. They are obsessed.

Drew started baseball last night.

He had three hits and he got a fly ball! Everyone, including the other team's side cheered for him. You literally could not wipe a smile of that child's face. I so wish I was recording because that moment just made me so happy. He was so proud. I was so proud.

Next week he turns six. I just absolutely canNOT believe this.

He is having a party, but this party is not all about decor and how cute I can make it. It is all about the kids having a BLAST!!


I'm leaving with this awesome picture that just melts my heart...

After getting out of the shower one morning, I walk out of the bathroom to see this. Nothing was placed. This is all pure brotherly love...

Brista Barrington


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