Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Life Lately...

I kinda like this Life Lately I have been doing. It's going to be a great way to look back on and remember these awesome times!
Drew wrapped up his baseball season last week. He made the All Star team, however, both games have been rained out, so fingers crossed he gets to play tomorrow! He is going to be so bummed if they are all canceled!
Drew has also learned to ride his bike without training wheels! Yay!! Him and I only really worked on it a couple of times, so I was totally surprised when he just took off on his bike!!
I feel like more often than not I take pictures of Dylan napping. He is the only child who still naps, however, I woke up the other morning and sat staring at Drew in bed for a good 10 minutes. He just looks so peaceful and innocent. Precious child he is.
Dylan has taken up an obsession with fishing. He carries around his fishing pole all.the.time. He wants to fish all.the.time.  He woke up first thing this morning and said "Ooh, Mom, I gotta get my fishing pole." Then proceeded to lay and watch cartoons as he was holding it like a teddy bear.
He does not really have as many crazy adventures anymore such as painting the walls or carpet, however, he still keeps us laughing at all times. He seriously is the most ornery child I have ever met. My little spitfire.
Last week, I headed out with my girlfriends for our second country music concert this summer, Kenny Chesney! Woo hoo! To say we had a blast is an understatement. Always love my girl trips. Every Mommy needs a girls trip every now and then. So glad I finally got over leaving the kids to enjoy my alone time!
We seriously had a such a great time.
I had a four day weekend last weekend, however, once I got home from the concert I think I stayed in the same clothes all weekend. I love those kinds of weekends. I was addicted to the Lifetime Movie Network for whatever reason. Drew had a play date with a friend. It was just a nice relaxing do nothing kind of weekend.
However, Duke had a little spill. We usually let him outside to play while we are outside playing with the kids. Duke decided he would climb a tree. While Justin was outside looking for him he heard a thud and Duke had fallen from the tree.
He was hurt. Badly. He laid around all day long, sleeping. I seriously think he may of had a concussion. If cats can get them, he had it. But now he is up back to his normal attacking your feet kind of spaz cat!
One more month until this wife and husband head out on our first couples vacation together!
I am excited and nervous all wrapped into one!! I am trying not to let my nerves get the best of me so I can be sure to have a good trip and not travel like I normally do spending my time with my head in the toilet. Ha.
Hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July Holiday!!!
Brista Barrington

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