Saturday, June 20, 2015

iPhone Dump Life Lately

To get caught up on life via pictures I am dumping on these pictures into one iPhone dump post.

Ya know, since I do have a nice camera you would think I would get this out more so I can have better quality pictures than the iPhone. But nope...I tend to always leave that fancy thing at home.

I still realllly need to work on this bad habit!
The boys wrapped up their last days of school. I now officially no longer have pre-school children and am the mother of TWO elementary kids.
Wahhhhhhhhhh....How is this possible?!?!

We have been spending 90% of our time at the ball fields for both Drew and Dylan.
I love it.
It is so much fun to watch them play!
Dylan is just so cute to watch in t-ball. 

But, Drew? It is a whole other ball game. Literally!

We spent the weekend in Nashville for his first out of town baseball tournament. We had a team party at Dave and Busters, lots of hotel swimming, and three baseball games. Unfortunately, we did not have any more than three games. :(

We had a Mommy-Kiddo day while the Daddy's were away at Herrin Fest.

Besides all that business...we just do baseball and fishing.
Soaking up all these moments with my kiddos while they are out of school!

One night this past month Drew came and grabbed me from the living room and had me close my eyes. He walked me into my bedroom and told me to open my eyes. He left a note on my pillow telling me how much he loves me and then he says "And I turned on the Real Houswives for you." LoL. This kid knows the way to my heart! Ha.

Later on, he did the same thing for Daddy but left Daddy a chocolate pop-tart in his card so they could have a late night snack together.

That kid...such a charmer!

Dylan is still fishing every.single.second he gets. At this moment in life, when I threaten to ground him from something it's:
"If you do not listen to me, I am going to ground you from your fishing pole." 
This is my life people. Ha.

My nephew Blake took us out on his boat the other day so Dylan could spend some time fishing. He was in hog heaven. Mommy just sat back and relaxed on the boat while I just watched him do what he loves...

Our life is simple and busy, but I sure do love it. I wouldn't want it any other way I tell ya. We are so blessed and lucky to have our healthy children and family!

Hard to think that their summer vacation is almost 1/2 way over already!!

This week we are wrapping up Drew's baseball season and a few more ball games for Dylan.
Then we have a pretty easy going July with two vacations on the books! A little vacay for Mommy & Daddy and then Disney World with the family!

So much to look forward to with these awesome dudes...

Brista Barrington

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