Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh Christmas Time...

I love love love Christmas time!!
It's my most favorite time of the year. It is such a happy, lovey time.
I would have Christmas decor up all year long if I could. Something about the smells, the decor, all of it makes me so giddy.
Our town hosts a Christmas in Carterville celebration that is by far my most favorite thing to do in this town. Last year was the first year, but I could not wait to do it again this year.
There is so much for the kiddos to do all along the street.
Write letters to Santa...
Mail their letters to Santa..
And of course, Meet Santa Claus. The boys were super duper excited. And I swear, this Santa was really good. He named exactly everything that Dylan wanted. I started to become a believer...;)
Dylan's favorite was getting his face painted.
He made a pretty cute little Rudolph if I do say so myself.
I love that we have something like this in our community for the kids each year.
I have started just a little bit more Christmas Shopping. I seriously just made a date with my mother in law to go shopping on December 23. Yes, two days before Christmas. I'm crazy. I know. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!
We also had my work party last night which was a blast. We played Dirty Santa and I strategized to win a Corkcicle. To say I was excited is an understatement. I'm a huge wine drinker and Oprah (who I don't even like) recommended this product.
And we also met Santa...
This upcoming weekend is going to be full of lots and lots and lots of activities. Like I have no idea when I am going to have time to sleep.
Brista Barrington

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