Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the Season TO PUT A RING ON IT!

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!
Kreig has finally decided to put a ring on it. Holllaaa!!!! It's about darn time Kreigy boy!
Last night, Kreig finally popped the question to my younger, middle, prettier sister, Brittany!
I mean seriously they have dated for what seems like forever.
So what if we have already been planning the wedding. That's what girls do, right?!
She is the last sister to get married. Kinda sad. No more weddings to plan after this one...
But we are going to have a blast planning it. I am pretty sure that she is going to be more of a Bridezilla than Brandy was. Like, totally positive that's how it's going to go down.
Luckily, she has an amazing older (and by old, I mean forever 29) sister who is going to help her. Lord help me.
Isn't this literally the cutest picture you have ever seen?!?! I can not get enough of it. The upside down sign is just perfect. Love love love love love it.
I love that Kreig incorporated the kiddos into the proposal. Well done Kreig, well done.
And isn't her ring just gorgeous?! Just what she wanted. Again, well done Kreig.
So a big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Brittany and Kreig!!
We video chatted after the proposal and I have honestly never seen her so happy. So that makes me a super happy sister!
I am very happy for the both of you. And I am very happy that I do not have to stress about a speech this go around. Phewww... That's all you Brandy! :)
And while I'm at it, a totally unrelated picture. But isn't this picture so darling of my niece and nephew?
Brista Barrington

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  1. Doing a little blog hopping and landed here!
    Congratulations to your sister and her soon-to-be mister! Weddings are so much fun to plan (I wish I could do mine over again, I loved it so much).
    Would love you to swing by for a return follow.