Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#bestievacation2014 {Day Two}

Day two was blissful...

I woke up early and sat on the balcony by myself with a coke in hand listening to the waves and just enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Just pure peace.

This day was on and off rain. We had scheduled to meet with another family of friends, but since the forecast was just so so, we decided to schedule that for another day.
So we hit the beach in between rain storms.
The kids loved jumping the waves!

We built sandcastles!

And lots more wave jumping!
I mean, is this a kids dream or what?

Unfortunately, another rain storm came up on us and we had to go back in. 
Sad face.

So we got ready for dinner at the Harbor and headed out!

Before we had left for vacation we wrote a list of some places we would like to eat and I had called to see if we could make reservations. It's a bummer in Destin, because everywhere I called didn't take reservations, however, they took call aheads for large groups. Hallelujah!
We had 12 in our group so this actually worked out better so we wouldn't be on such a schedule with reservations!

This night we chose to try out Dewey Destin's. We all decided we would try different kinds of seafood on this trip. I learned a lot about seafood and what I like and don't like, that's for sure!
And Dylan? Well, he is OBSESSED with crab claws.

I have never ever seen this child eat the way he ate this night. It took two hands.

That child will eat just about anything. He had a feast that night I tell ya. It was like he had never eaten before. And Drew? He had a yummy American grilled cheese. Haha. He is my super picky eater.

After dinner, we headed out to the Harbor Walk.
Such a great place to take kids. 

The boys rolled around in some inflated balls, which they had a blast doing...

After playtime, we just walked through the Harbor finding random things to do.

We got some ice cream and watched a band play...

And Drew did this really cool thing where you go into this room and try to crawl and jump over to avoid laser beams. We could watch him from a TV screen outside of the room. It was too neat. I have video of it, but no pictures!

Overall, another great relaxing day.
That's what, to me, a relaxing vacation is all about.
Spending the days at the beach and pool and going out at night. 
This was one of my favorite days. The Harbor is always a favorite of mine.

See what we did on Day One: here.
Brista Barrington

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