Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#bestievacation2014 {Day Three}

Day Three...

We had re-scheduled our meet up with the Wells family to day three since the day before we so off and on rainy.

The seaweed seemed to be kinda bad this day so the water looked really green in all my pictures. Yuck-ey!

The boys played some football!

I think it was this point that Dylan and Gavin took their puddle jumpers off and swam with no floaties from then on out.

Big boys.

It was another great, relaxing beach day with friends.

The kids are all so lucky to have one another to play with.
I feel like going with friends to the beach is more fun because they have other kids to play with. It helps keep them having a good time and entertained!

That night we did dinner at Pompana Joe's.
It was a very very good restaurant. The food was perfect!

After dinner, we stopped at the Track for some goofy golf and go cart rides!

There are so many simple family oriented things to do in Destin.
That's why we really enjoy going there!!

Brista Barrington

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