Friday, July 25, 2014

#bestievacation2014 {Day One}

Ya know, cause #bestievacation2014 sounds so mature.

Oh yes!!! I am recapping day by day. 
During the trip Kellie kept a written journal. 
I, myself, like to keep my journal online with pictures. :)

So it begins....

Justin was gone to Chicago all weekend for basketball, so we had to wait until he got home before we could get on the road for Florida while the others left earlier in the day. It was a long wait, but as soon as he got home he had zero time to waste. We were on the road in 15. 

And might I add that I drove for 3 hours!!!
Go ME!
I never drive. Like, ever. So this was a big deal.

We drove to Birmingham to stay with our Cousin Benny.
By the time we got there we were beat and pretty much headed straight to bed.

It was nice because Ju got to spend some time with Ben while the wife and children slept.

The next morning, we met up with the rest of the vacation crew at their hotel in Birmingham where we had to wait for a car to get fixed. Yeh, one of the cars air totally blew out on the way down. That thing HAD to get fixed, because driving in hot air was not an option.
So, once it was fixed, we got back on the road!

We tried to find a Mom n Pop type of restaurant to stop at to eat lunch.
Our GPS listed some restaurants and when "Chicken Shack" is on the list, ya gotta see what this is all about. 
We stopped in Laverne, Alabama and quite honestly the Chicken Shack was not too bad.
It was a total kinda hole in the wall place, but fun to stop at. 

We made it to Florida about 3:00 on Monday and first things first was some beach time!

So went spent a few hours at the beach before the wives headed out to grocery shop for the week. We totally had a grocery list like two weeks prior to our trip. That was really the only thing planned this entire trip. We just needed some kind of organization before we left with the whole grocery situation. It worked out perfectly! Go WIVES! 

We didn't head out to dinner that night because grocery shopping took priority, so we grabbed some Five Guys and headed back to the condo to unpack and hang out while the kiddos played on their iPads.

Pretty great first day...

Brista Barrington

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