Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#bestievacation2014 {Day Four}

Day Four was by far the most beautiful beach day.

The water was super clear and beautiful. Just like it usually always is when we visit.

The kids discovered a new activity to do each day at the beach. 
This day was to use their nets to catch fish and seashells. I think they could have done this all day!
And of course we surfed lots more!! 

I rarely used my i-Phone this whole trip. For some reason, I picked it up for the next few pictures...

Dylan became fascinated with using his goggles to go under water to find...what else? FISH! :)

The Wells' family met us for dinner that night as well since it was Bill's birthday.

We ate at a new restaurant called the Surf Hut. Even though this was the ONLY restaurant we had to wait 45 minutes before, it was a very good place to eat!

They had bag boards in the back and a great location for pictures!

So while the men were at the bar, the ladies took full advantage of photo opportunities!

After dinner, the guys went out for Bill's birthday while the ladies took the kiddos crab hunting!

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