Sunday, August 23, 2015

Disney World Vacation {Day Five}

This day we went back to Hollywood Studios!
We had already done Hollywood Studios once this trip and usually only do it one time while we are there, but we could only FastPass either Rockin' Roller Coaster or Toy Story once a day, so we decided to come back to do Toy Story and Tower of Terror one more time! Lol.

As I said before, Tower of Terror was a big hit with the boys! 
Thrill rides are soooo much fun! 
I like wanna go back right now. Ha ha ha.

We walked back to Pizza Planet for some lunch. I just really like this quick service restaurant for some reason. It reminds me kind of Toy Story maybe??
It has an arcade inside that the boys played games for a bit.

After some lunch, we met the rest of the family for all of us to do Toy Story together!
This right is totally a must do. Fun for all ages.
And might I add I beat my husband.
We had a best of out of three game going on between Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story and I totally won!!
Do not underestimate me....:)

The last few days of the trip Dylan decided he wanted to pack his little backpack up with snacks and start selling them to our family. Such a little entrepreneur....

After Toy Story we headed back to do Star Wars one more time before we left the park for the day.

We only did a half day at Hollywood Studios since we did a lot the first day we got there.

We had tried to eat at the Sci-Fi Resturant but it was like crazy booked and could not get in.

So we decided this would be our night to go to Downtown Disney and eat at T-Rex and shop a bit.

We kinda had a bad experience at T-Rex so we will not ever go there again, but if you have little boys who are totally into dinosaurs, ya gotta go!
It's just so neat!

Only one more day sad.


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