Saturday, August 15, 2015

Disney World Vacation {Day one}

The day we got back from Mexico was the day we left for Disney World...

Talk about being exhausted.
So our flight from Mexico got back into St. Louis about 1:00ish. We officially got home about 5:30. Our flight to Orlando was leaving from Nashville the next morning at 9:30. We originally had a hotel room booked in Nashville for that same night that we got back from Mexico, but right before we left for our first vacation we decided we would be so tired from the vacation and we would just get up that morning early to drive to Nashville and catch our flight. Soooo...we canceled our Nashville hotel room.
So then we got home from Mexico. I did a couple loads of laundry and looked at Justin and said "Let's just go to Nashville tonight." Lol. Yeh, I am. THE. most.indecisive.person.ever.

SOOOOO...we changed out our luggage from Mexico things to Disney and off we went to Nashville literally the same night we got back from Mexico. We re-booked a room on the way up & we are so glad we ended up taking off because a good night's sleep was just what we needed!
Let me just tell ya, we all know I hate to fly. BUT the flight TO Orlando??

40 Junior High kids were on their way to Orlando. With us. In the same plane. FORTY!!!
It was THE most loud plane I have ever been on!
We could not hear the captain speaking. At one point all I knew was that the flight attendants were to sit down and buckle up. Which to me means "we are going to crash." LOL.

So I am in full panic mode. I can't hear anything. I am sweating. I think I am going to die. I think my whole family is going to die. And not much help from the seat of junior high kids behind me saying "We are going to crash! We are spiraling down! We are going to blow up in a big ball of fire!"

Yeh, I totally stopped the flight attendant and asked how much longer it would be before we got on land. He could tell I was having a panic attack so he blew the air straight on my face, put some ice on my back, and got my some ginger ale. Like a little child I tell ya.

Obviously, we made it....Hahaha. But I was SOOOO thankful to be off that plane!
Oh yeh--did I mention this was Dylan's first flight ever? He absolutely loved it! And Drew did too. He doesn't remember flying when he was little. I am glad they both are old enough to remember flying because that sure ain't happening again anytime soon! #mommyisascaredycat

THEN....I get my stroller to realize Southwest broke it. 
So once we land I have to try to find the Southwest Customer Service for them to only tell me that they  cannot do anything about my stroller and they are only responsible for it if they lose it. Say what??? So, you can break my stroller and not be responsible for it? 
I was fuming. I just had a horrible plane ride & I may have said a few choice words that typically do not come out of my mouth.
I was livid.

But then we finally get on the bus and head to our resort...
It could only get better for me at this point...I mean, I was headed to the most happy and magical place on Earth, right???

We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. It was really a gorgeous resort. It was nice to try something different. I ended up not getting any pictures of the resort. (Oopsie--totally forgot.)

We left the room for Hollywood Studios with our luggage not even having arrived in our room yet. I just knew it was not going to make it. (It did!)

We had FastPasse'd some big rides at Hollywood Studios that the boys had never done yet. Tower of Terror was a big hit with the boys! And Drew was tall enough this time to do Rockin' Roller Coaster with us! He LOVED it.

We had also never seen the Indiana Jones show, so we watched that as well. 

But then the bad luck struck again and down I went...sick
We ended up having to leave the park before everyone else because I just could not make it any longer. I was so sick. We went back to the hotel room and Justin took the boys to swim so I could rest a bit.

So, yeh, that's a Day One wrap up. Things only got better from here let me assure you. Ha.

Brista Barrington

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