Thursday, August 20, 2015

Disney World Vacation {Day Four}

Day Four.

Day Four was chill. Day Four was very rainy. Day Four was also very magical.

We typically like to eat at the Tusker House for breakfast on our Animal Kingdom days! It's a great breakfast buffet with Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy Duck. They have anything and everything you want! 

Next up was the safaris! This is Justin's favorite part. He loves Animal Kingdom. 
The rest of us? Not so much. Ha. 

During this safari trip a giraffe was soooo close to our truck. If you ever questioned whether these animals were fake or not, the giraffes are most definitely not. 

Look closely at the above picture for the Lions! You can see the male lion at the top of the rock sleeping and the female lion towards the bottom.
Not gonna lie...I was a little scared because there was definitely no fence or anything separating us. We could not get out of there any quicker in my book!

The safari is located in Africa in the park. Africa is just gorgeous!
I could just sight see there for hours. 
So beaut.

Dylan has really been into Jurassic Park lately since the new movie came out.
Before we left for vacation I could not tell you how many times we watched the original Jurassic Park. So we HAD to do the Dinosaur Ride.
I had done this ride previously and it really did scare me. I know it is fake, but my gosh! It is so intense and real!!

Anywho--I sucked it up for one time through. Dylan was so fascinated with all the dinosaurs inside. He was like "Mommy!! Give me your camera! I gotta get a picture of this!"

After I rode it once, I remembered why I hated it. I kept my eyes closed pretty much all of the time screaming like a little girl. 
Really...I hate that ride. 

But not the boys...all three of them walked right back on for round 2.

After finally getting outta that place we went for some more Dino fun!
Drew and I took a ride on the Primawirl which was seriously so scary, but so fun!
Different type of scary than the Dinosaur ride. 
This ride was a twirling roller coaster. 
The boys played some arcade games until it started raining on us...again.

Once the rain hit, we decided to go and try to catch The Lion King show!
Best show on Disney grounds by the way.

Look at this cute little rainy nugget boy!

I have never loved rain ponchos so much!!

A few little pics from the Lion King Show. I recorded more video than pictures this time around...

After Lion King we left to head back to the hotel. Animal Kingdom is always a 1/2 day thing for us. 
And this time we even wasted 45 minutes sitting on a curb waiting for it to stop raining so we could all the Expedition Everest Roller Coaster, but it never happened. Boo rain.

We like to split up our days and take breaks and rest.
We also like to get the Park Hoppers so we can do early morning magic hours and also late magic hours which are always two different parks.

This night we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom.

Ashley and I did a little Cupid Shuffle with the INCREDIBLES.

Got some more teacup time in...

We grabbed some dinner as a quick service with a castle view...

And of course....we watched the fireworks show ONE MORE TIME!

The time previous we kinda walked in right when they started so we did not have a great view, but this time I was determined to be closer!

Seriously, how can you not love this? 
It is just so beautiful.

Drew cracks me up. He is so into taking pictures and videos of things. 
He videoed the whole time.

At this point we all were getting pretty exhausted so we headed back to the hotel to rest up for yet another FUN FILLED MAGICAL DAY!


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