Monday, August 17, 2015

Disney World Vacation {Day Two}

After a good nights rest I was feeling a tid bit better. Not much better, but when you are a Mommy and in Disney World you just gotta suck it up and go! Even if it means you have to get out of a couple lines because you were going to get sick again. #yehthathappened

Day Two was spent at Epcot! 
I love Epcot. I know it is not a favorite of most, but I love love love to walk the countries. Do you know how many picture opportunities there are there? Lol.
But really...the countries are just beautiful.

And Test Track and Soarin..I mean, come on?! Those are easily anyone's favorites! 
Dyl had a lot of firsts on this trip!  Drew had never ridin' Soarin either!
It was a family favorite. I love that the boys like to ride roller coasters and do adventurous things! It makes it so much more fun when we all get to do it together as a family!

We of course spent f.o.r.e.v.e.r at the aquarium. We kept telling Drew to just be patient that this was bubby's happy place. Ha ha. Drew was like "Well, my happy place is on a basketball court." He was readdddy to go! But Dylan? That child would have sat and stared at the fish forever. We found sharks, sea turtles, all sorts of funky fish...He was in heaven.

We spent the day at Epcot then headed up for an early dinner at Cape May Cafe in the Yacht and Beach Club. We had never eaten dinner here before so it was nice to try a new restaurant. It was a pretty darn good seafood buffet. Probably will not ever eat there again, but definitely one to give a shot if you are looking for a restaurant around those parts.

After dinner we walked back to Epcot to ride a few more rides where I got sick again and had to sit on the curb by my lonesome while Daddy and the boys rode some rides. #sadface

It was a pretty early night getting back to the room. But Disney World is so exhausting y'all that I was not sad one bit that we did not stay out late that night! Ha

(Now keep in mind with these following pictures that I was sick---so don't judge the rough lookin Mom in there, ya herre?)

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