Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Disney World Vacation {Day Three}

Ahhhhh...Day Three.

FINALLY I was feeling like I was on the road to recovery!

We were headed to Magic Kingdom!!! My favorite! The most magical place evvvvaaa!!! 
I just love everything about this place. It's the Disney Magic...

One of my things I always tell people about Disney is GET THERE WHEN IT OPENS! 
I can't express how short the lines are! And totally take advantage of Magic Hours if you stay on grounds!

The older kids rode Space Mountain over and over. We walked on many rides that are usually like hour or more wait. Seriously, y'all. It may suuuuuucccckkk getting up early, but you can get so many rides knocked out in that first hour you are there!

This day was our matching shirt day! All 13 of us had matching shirts made to wear for a group picture. (Which we didn't get this day. More details to come later in the post.) Matching shirts just make for THE cutest pictures! :)

After Space Mountain we headed off to my favorite: THE TEACUPS. I just love these things!

We had a little bit of time to waste before we did our FastPasses with the whole family so we hopped on Winnie the Pooh. The kids were less than thrilled. "This is for babies, Mommy!"
True children. True. But hey, it was air conditioned.

Next ride?? The new Snow White Dwarf Mine Train. We were so excited about this because we had never done it before.
SUCH an adorable ride! I loved it. A little bit of excitement with a roller coaster feel, but yet also kinda of a show ride too with the dwarfs singing through some areas. Super cute!

But ya know what I did? 
I took off and left my camera on the ride!!

YES! My real freaking camera!
Once I realized what I did, I have never ran so fast in my life. Do you know how many pictures I would have lost? Talk about a sick feeling.
But LUCKILY, the person that rode the ride next turned it in.
My father in law kept telling me I needed to go buy a lottery ticket with that kind of luck!
Thank you to the honest person who turned it in! 
I love you. Hahaha.

Next up was Dumbo!
Great family ride for all...

Seriously, how cute are the kiddos in their matching shirts and some with Mickey Ears??
TOO adorable!

We lucked out with some pretty good temperature for this time of year in Florida. But this day was definitely one of the hottest days while we were there. 
Insert...the Disney water fan...

We hopped on a couple more rides and off to Splash Mountain for our FastPasses.
I decided to not do this ride because I did not want to get wet. Do you know how uncomfortable jean shorts are when you are soaked?? Horrible...

The kids LOVED this ride!

Look at all those smiles!!!! Magical smiles... ;)

Anywho---so next up was Thunder Mountain Railroad. Dylan was tall enough to ride this ride last time but this was when he was going through his puking phase so he had to stay back so he was excited for this one!

We noticed that it was going to be storming soon so we thought we would get on Big Thunder Mountain and go get something to eat or do an inside ride or show while it was raining. According to the radar we had plenty of time!!

So off we all went...onto Big Thunder Mountain. We waited inside so we had no clue what was going on outside.
We got on the ride. Starting going up the hill..Came out of the tunnel to the heaviest rain I had ever experienced. We had NO clue it was raining.

I have it all on video. It was quite hilarious. And remember, I did not want to get wet? Well I should have just rode Splash Mountain because wet was an understatement. We all were completely drenched and soaked. We had to leave the park to go change.
Who needs Splash Mountain when you have Big Thunder Railroad in the rain?
For real.
And remember that group picture we were going to take with all our matching shirts?
Yeh, we could not do that either. Lol.
Oh my gosh---it was so miserable to be that soaked!!!
And then get on a bus blaring air conditioner??

Look how soaked the boys are...

That's what we all looked like! Ha ha ha.
Oh we have some great stories from this trip!

We headed back to the room to change and take a break before dinner.

We had dinner at Chef Mickey's. Always a great place to see all the main Disney characters.
I am not a big fan of the food there, but it's a great place for kids!

After dinner, my family was all rested up and went out for a late night at Magic Kingdom!
Magic Kingdom at night??

Oh my gosh. MY FAVORITE!
I say "my favorite" a lot, but really...this truly is my favorite!

We walked in just in time for the fireworks!!

End of story.

We rode some more rides with the kiddos and sat down and watched the Electrical Parade. The parades are so awesome at Disney!

We stayed out until about midnight this night. But it's all so worth it. 
I get an abundant amount of energy at Disney. I think its the excitement of it all!
Oh and the Disney Magic! ;)

That's a wrap on Day Three!! Super great day!!!!

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