Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Back tracking on life here...
About a week ago we had a blizzard and received 12 inches of snow!!
The kiddos were super excited! And Mama Bear got some pretty cute pictures of them. I love my boys. I think they make some pretty cute little nuggets.
They make such great photo subjects.
Dylan has began a new obsession with diggers. He loves all things construction, mowing, and digging. So, I was not surprised that he was the one shoveling and digging in the snow.
While Dylan was digging, Drew was throwing! He wanted to have a snowball fight the WHOLE time we were outside.
I kept making rules:
"No throwing at the face!"
"Don't throw at my legs, it hurts!"
"Like really, I am going to have a bruise on my leg now!"
Okay, so I was being a baby according to my husband. But it was faaareeezzing outside!!
Plus, look at the size of this snowball??
Dylan eventually got into the whole snowball fight. This next picture is a great action shot of Drew throwing and Dylan falling in the background. Love it.
And what's playing in snow without a sled ride and some snow angels??
We tried to build a snowman but well, we really sucked at it. Plus Dylan just wanted to bulldoze the thing over anyways. Little rascal.
He was a little short for the snow, which is why he face planted right in it when he tried to run.
This is the face you get when that happens...
We enjoyed the snow while it lasted! It made for some beautiful scenery at the house! But it can go away any day now. I am ready for Spring and flowers and gardens and greenery, oh my!!!
Brista Barrington

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  1. Both little cuties enjoy to the depth with the snow. You are a lucky mom. And I love your family photo. It’s perfect.